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Waterstop Shower Tray Sealant Strip

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Waterstop Shower Tray Sealant Strip


Product Details:

Waterstop Shower Tray Sealant Strip
Say goodbye to silicone!
Quick and easy to fit
Flexible permanent seal- unaffected by movement, won’t tear or split
Patented Design to avoid capillary action and Perforated to aid Tile Adhesion
Solves the age old problems of leaks in bathrooms and unsightly mouldy silicone

Want to protect your shower tray, worktop against leaks? Fed up with unsightly mould?  Sick of re-applying silicone only for it to degrade and turn black? THEN LOOK FOR THE LIP!!! abmWaterstop is a unique shower tray and worktop seal, which will successfully and permanently prevent water ingress.  What’s more, it’s the first and only seal to completely remove the need for silicone sealant, thanks to its revolutionary patented “lip” – which forms a perfect seal against wall and appliance. The high quality of its extrusion makes it not only highly flexible, but thin enough not to “kick out” the bottom row of tiles. Its super-flexibility also helps to counteract movement and expansion and its special ridged surface guards against capillary action. It is also chemically formulated to resist mould growth and its perforations provide for extra adhesion for tile cement. It is quick and simple to fit – and easily adjustable during the fitting process. Abmwaterstop has been developed by a specialist team of trade professionals and used successfully in over 10,000 installations. It is a quality, patented product with a lifespan of over 25 years. Length is 3.2 metres.