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Tiles – Bumpy White 200x250mm (1msq) 20pk

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Tiles – Bumpy White 200x250mm (1msq) 20pk


Product Details
Tiles – Bumpy White 200x250mm (1msq) 20pk
These bumpy white AKW tiles are the perfect choice for any bathroom installation as they offer fantastic benefits, particularly for those suffering from sight loss and/or dementia, due to the super white finish as it allows maximum colour contrast to be achieved.
Bumpy tile effect
Super white finish
Available in 3 different sizes 200x200mm, 200x250mm and 250x330mm
Ceramic material
Easy to cut and install
Suitable for all indoor rooms
The reverse edge of the tile is beige in colour
This is particularly useful for the visually impaired and those who suffer from dementia as the bumpy effect reduces the glare as the light bounces off the different textures.
The glaze of the tile contains a mineral known as zircon which enhances the white finish of the tiles. Also, for the Care market, a high Light Reflective Value (LRV) helps achieve a maximum colour contrast which is beneficial for those with sight loss and/or dementia.
Providing a variety of choice for the installation.
Ceramic tiles are extremely durable and hard-wearing.
Improving the installation experience and efficiency.
Ideal for domestic and commercial internal wall applications.
This upholds the intensity of the white glaze. Some cheaper tiles have darker colours which suggests their white finish is not as superior.
Suitable for Kitchens and Bathrooms
Please allow an additional 10% extra for Tiles wastage and cutting.
Tile Adhesive required – 30078
Cutting Advice:
Ceramic tiles can be cut using a manual or electric tile cutter. Wear safety goggles and gloves when cutting or handling tiles.
Maintenance Advice:
Please note that the use of incorrect cleaning products can have a detrimental effect on the longevity and appearance of the tile. Under no circumstances should products which are designed to prevent limescale or contain acidic chemicals be used on the tiles. Always use cleaners, adhesives and grouts that are suitable for the material of the tile.

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