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Relaxa Bath Lift 24v DC Rechargeable Battery

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24v DC rechargeable battery pack for the Relaxa belt bath lift. Also suitable for the Mermaid, Dolphin and Safety Bathe bath belt lifts. Assembled in the UK.

Vat Exemption is not possible on this product.


Replacement 24v DC rechargeable battery pack for the Relaxa Bath Belt Lift.
The Relaxa Bath Lift is a motorised bath belt lift designed for the use by people who find that getting into and out of the bath has become increasingly difficult.
With its use, access becomes safe and easy, allowing you to continue enjoying your relaxing bathing experience.
This is the replacement battery for the Relaxa Bath Lift, also suitable for the Safety Bathe, Dolphin and Mermaid bath belt lifts.
Technical details:
24v DC rechargeable battery pack
Suitable for the Relaxa, Safety Bathe, Mermaid and Dolphin bath belt lifts
Battery weight: 1.5kg (3.3lbs)
Battery length: 290mm
1 year manufacturer warranty
Please note:
Due to the manufacturer’s ruling, we are unable to offer VAT exemption on this product
This product is non-returnable
Battery Charger is not included