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F-44 Styccobond Flooring Acrylic Adhesive 5lt (20sqm)

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F-44 Styccobond Flooring Acrylic Adhesive 5lt (20sqm)


Product Details
Flooring F-44 Acrylic Adhesive 5lt (20sqm)

STYCCOBOND F44 is a solvent free acrylic emulsion adhesive, which is designed to give a high bond strength for securing vinyl sheet and tile floor coverings. Suitable for use with underfloor heating.


Strong initial tack
Long open time
Solvent free
Protected against bio- degeneration

No need to hold down for initial tack
More time to get the area covered
User friendly for installation
Peace of mind for long term use
Versatile applications
Product Specification

Colour: Cream / Yellow
Consistency: Viscous Liquid
Coverage Rate (Approx.): 4m2 per litre using a 1.5mm x 5mm trowel
Open Time: Up to 60 minutes depending on temperature, humidity and absorbency of the subfloor
Shelf Life: 12 months in unopened containers stored under good conditions.

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