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Bond It Latex Liquid (4.5Litres)

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Bond It Latex Liquid (4.5Litres)


Product Details
Bond-it Latex Liquid (4.5L)

Product Overview
Latex liquid is designed to be mixed with Bond-it Levelling Compound to give increased flexibility and wearing characteristics.
It is used to improve “water-mix” levelling compounds especially when used on substrates subject to movement i.e. timber. It can also allow levelling compounds to be
used as final finish in lightly trafficked areas.

Features & Benefits

1:1 Mix ratio – saving you time, for every 20kg pack of Levelling Compound use 1 container of Latex Liquid.
24 Month shelf life
Levelling compound /latex mix sets in 24 hours
Product Specification

The liquid should be placed in a mixing bucket. Slowly add the powder component to the liquid latex, stirring quickly and continually, until a smooth paste develops. For every 20Kg of Bond It Flooring Compound use 1 container of Bond It Latex Liquid, a mechanical stirrer is recommended for mixing.

Porous surfaces should be primed prior to application of levelling compound. Ambient temperature should be between 5°C and 25°C. Do not use in direct sunlight in conservatories. At 25°C the floor should be able to take light traffic in 2-3 hours and floor coverings can be laid after 24 hours.

1 x 4.5 litre of of Latex liquid per 20kg of Levelling compound.
Up to 3.5m2 1 x 20Kg Levelling compound mixed with 1 x 4.5l Latex liquid
7.0m2 2 x 20Kg Levelling compound mixed with 2 x 4.5l Latex liquid

Shelf Life
24 months in unopened containers.

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