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AKW Ergonomic Bidet Toilet Seat

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AKW Ergonomic Bidet Seat


Product Details:

AKW Ergonomic Bidet Seat (Toilet Pan not included)


Compatible with AKW Livenza sanitary ware
Compatible with most common UK toilet pans
(Note : Remote control requires 2 x AAA batteries not included)

Product Overview

Ideal for both social care and private installations, the AKW Bidet has been developed to offer a cost-effective, quick to install and easy to use and maintain bidet for those wanting a non-permanent toileting solution. The AKW Bidet is water mains fed and offers a range of temperature, water spray and dryer options.

Features and Benefits

Adjustable spray, temperature and dryer settings allow the user to tailor the bidet to meet their specific comfort and cleaning requirements.

Spray control

5 rear wash positions
Feminine wash
5 spray intensity settings (approx. 0.6L-1L per minute)
1-2 minute wash cycles
4 spray modes: Steady, Pulsating, Oscillating, Pulsating + Oscillating
Temperature controlled water

High power, 1750w instantaneous water heater
2 minute constant wash cycle
1 minute gradual cooling wash cycle
6 stage temperature control (approx. 31-39°C)
Side entry water supply
Dryer settings

350W dryer
3 minute standard drying cycle
6 temperature settings (40-52°C approx.)
5 adjustable speed settings
Self-cleaning function ensures the nozzle and surrounding area are hygienic.

Pre and post wash nozzle cleaning
Automatic water purge if not used for 72 hours
Night light helps users with sight loss or dementia locate the toilet in the dark/dimly lit conditions.

Quiet and efficient operation promotes user dignity whilst providing a reliable experience.

Low noise heater, water pump, dryer motor
Pressure and flow optimised for efficient and continuous cleaning

Remote control provides users with full function control via a handheld, ergonomic remote, which is easy to use and supports carers with maximising user dignity.

Integral seat sensor prevents accidental usage by ensuring activation only occurs when the seat is in use.

Lid and seat lift assist with front moulded grip and contrasting side tabs.

Quick release seat and lid makes cleaning, maintenance, or even moving property easier.

Soft close seat and lid is slower, quieter and therefore safer for users.

Seat lugs for stability when side transferring.

Strong load limit of 150kg/23.5st ensures bidet is suitable for a wide variety of users.

UK sized aperture allows for compatibility with AKW and most common UK toilet pans.

Easy to clean, with very little maintenance required throughout the bidet’s lifetime

Low pressure mode

When in standard mode, the AKW Bidet requires 0.5 (dynamic) –10 (static) bar of pressure to achieve a flow rate of 0.6L-1L per minute. This water is instantaneously heated with no restart time required.
If the water supply experiences low pressure, then low pressure mode can be selected to allow the bidet to continue working efficiently.
Low pressure mode requires just 0.2 (static)-10 (static) bar to achieve a flow rate of 0.45L-0.65L per minute, with a maximum 25 second restart period.

BS EN 60335-1
2 years warranty


Compatible with AKW Livenza sanitaryware
Compatible with most common UK toilet pans
(Note : Remote control requires 2 x AAA batteries not included)

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