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Access Panel 195 x 272mm

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Access Panel 195 x 272mm


Product Details
Access Panel 195 x 272mm

Product Overview

AKW’s plastic, heavy duty access panels offer a high quality, low cost finish in bathrooms where access to plumbing is required. Available in 3 sizes to allow for maintenance and servicing access to waste pumps and other general plumbing fittings, it is the perfect solution for concealing unsightly controls and fittings. Access Panels are ideal for accessing pumps in smaller bathrooms where they are fitted into a boxing due to limited space.

Features & Benefits:

Simple to fit ensuring a quick and easy installation
Used to provide an economical access point to concealed services or as a repair panel.
Versatile in its purpose and can provide easy access to hidden services in residential and commercial projects.
The hinged removable door falls in to place and protects the product against strident use and makes it undisruptive.
Can be painted over, allowing the choice to decorate over so that it integrates with the rest of the bathroom
Guarantees & Approvals:

12 month Warranty

Thickness: 3mm
Colour: White
Material: ABS Plastic
Usage: Walls & Ceilings
Type: Picture frame
Warranty: 12 months
Actual opening size:
195 x 272mm: 145 x 222mm

Also Available:
523 x 523mm: 450 x 450mm*
357 x 357mm: 293 x 293mm

*523 x 523mm compatible to use with AKW Digipumps due to opening size allowing access to the pump (based on the width of AKW waste pumps 214mm and fitting instructions advising leaving a gap of 100mm on either side after the inlet and outlet connectors before any bends). Anything smaller can be acceptable for access to plumbing fittings such as isolation valves

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