What goes up….Ideas for that loft conversion

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Natural light has always, and will always be the best complement to interior design. Having a room at the top of your home allows you to take full advantage of the sun by incorporating more windows, skylights or even a faux balcony. You should also consider what types of light fixtures you want to install. Hanging bulbs, chandeliers, pendants and fans will reduce the amount of headroom you have and may not be an ideal choice


Buy fitted furniture. Regardless of what you’re planning to do with your new conversion, investing in fitted furniture is always a good idea since it creates the illusion of more free space. Fitted furniture does not only apply to mattress frames and chairs; fitted wardrobes conserve space in a bedroom or custom designed desks for a study can be made to fit and complement the room’s dimensions exactly. Multipurpose furniture such as a sofa bed or a fold-down mattress is great as well as it allows you to utilise space efficiently.


Your loft may be smaller than an ordinary room, so finding clever ways to enhance that space can make a world of difference. Under eaves storage, In-wall shelving and dressing rooms can help conserve valuable space. Bespoke shelves are another great option since they can be fitted as a floating unit on the wall or from floor to ceiling providing much more storage space without infringing upon the room. Use any unusual corners or tight spaces for more storage. Creating custom cupboards and drawers below slanted velux windows can maximise space that would have otherwise been unusable.


If you had the space and were able to accommodate an en-suite shower room, choose neutral or brighter colours to open up the room. Also, the space is likely to be smaller than an ordinary bathroom, so don’t try to cram too much in! Vases and potpourri are lovely, but ensure that you’re able to move around comfortably without knocking things over. Niches in bathrooms can provide simple storage and if you are able to incorporate a floating sink, do it. The more floor you can see, the less cluttered the space feels.


Install a radiator. Generally a loft conversion will be very well insulated, and may even have access to the central heating system but you can’t be too careful. In colder weather, lofts can get chilly so having a radiator fitted gives you a heating option that won’t affect the rest of the home. It does not have to be a large eyesore either; small radiators are available as well as unique heating units. Retro look radiators, for example, can give a room character in addition to providing heat while stand up heaters are great for heating bathroom tiles and bedroom floors

To retain privacy, choose the correct blinds for your space. While you do want as much natural light as possible, if the room is going to be used consistently, you will need shades. For dormer windows, consider using a pull-down screen. Since Velux windows are in line with the roof and often on an angle, sliding blinds can be built in to avoid any awkward overhang. A combination of privacy, light control and style is attainable with great fitting blinds.

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