Protecting Your Home from Intruders

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The home is a place of sanctuary and wellbeing, away from the dangers and stresses of the world. It’s probably where all of your favourite things live and many of them are either sentimentally or financially invaluable.

That is exactly why protecting your precious items is just as vital as getting them in the first place. You’re probably aware of this and have implemented some form of plan to ward off trespassers and safeguard those indispensable belongings. If you haven’t, or even if you have, there’s plenty of areas of concern and addressing them can give you an added peace of mind.

Outdoor Lighting

Perhaps the most obvious place to start is with the lighting. As you can imagine, the majority of burglaries occur at night when it is easier to hide in the shadows with less chance of being seen. A good outdoor lighting system can reduce the chances of intruders sticking around and you’ve got quite a few options to play with.

A security floodlight, wired up with a motion or light detector will ensure that anybody stepping into your garden is met with a bright flash, visibility is greatly improved and most burglars won’t be comfortable with being able to be seen so clearly.

If you’ve got dark areas in your garden that can potentially act as hiding places for wrongdoers, you can illuminate them with simple, cheap yet effective solar lights. Places that can be shelter include bushes and foliage and artificial light will see them offer little to no refuge for robbers.

Out in the Garden

The first steps towards your home is the garden. It is essentially a portal for intruders to make their way to the expensive items waiting for them in your house but if you’re not switched on, they may also be able to find a few bonus prizes outside.

Think carefully about where you’re going to keep possessions that don’t live inside with you, especially anything that can make a burglar believe their luck is in. Things like ladders and tools can not only be stolen, they can also be used for easier access to inside.

Lock everything away securely in a shed or garage and use outdoor lighting to ward off people who may try to break in to the shed. The light can put them off and send them running.

Plants naturally grow and gardens with untrimmed or particularly long bushes, trees and flowers are possibly welcoming thieves, unless you have thorn bushes. Ensure that there are no overgrown shrubs and you will take away an avenue of concealment.

Outside Looking In

It’s important that your home doesn’t appeal to intruders. This doesn’t mean that you make your house look as though there’s nothing in it. Remember, thieves don’t know what’s inside in some cases and break-ins are a smash and grab. An older, less secure building may not look as nice from the outside but that’s not to say that there’s nothing of value inside and criminals know this.

A security alarm system can never be underestimated. You’d be hard pressed to find a criminal who will stick around once a siren is blaring and alerting everybody nearby of their presence. Wires should be hidden or high up to prevent easy tampering and bell boxes should be visible and up to date to show intruders that your system is in place and in working order. You could even use outdoor lighting shining on your bell box to emphasise this point.

Old and battered looking windows and doors are great opportunities for crooks. They will probably be much easier to manipulate and get inside of than newer, sturdier ones. Of course, you’re also going to have to make sure that your locks and hinges do their job properly and if not, change them immediately. You could also make glass windows and panels more secure by using anti-shatter film, stopping any clean breaks.

Daytime Protection

Daytime burglaries happen more often than you’d think. They are arguably more successful too as in a lot of cases, nobody is home to wake up or notice an intruder. Outdoor lighting can’t help in this case but your security alarm can. Make sure that is switched on whenever you leave the home and it should be loud enough to deter robbers and inform others that somebody who hasn’t been invited is making a nuisance of themselves.

If you have a spare key, never leave it “hidden” in the garden. There are only so many places it could go. Leave it with a trusted friend, family member or neighbour instead and tell whoever needs it what you’ve done.

There’s always room for improvement

This is no way a comprehensive compilation of things to be done, more an overview of where to start. There’s plenty more that can be done to protect your home and valuables.

Security is vital for looking after your belongings and prevention is always better than cure.

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