Designing an accessible bathroom for the 21st Century

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Your Accessible Bathroom Design Doesn’t Have To Be Boring or Dreary, It Can Be Modern and Stylish…..

It is an age old problem for anybody with a disability or even moderately reduced mobility. Why are all accessible bathrooms so boring and mundane? Is it so much to ask that a disabled bathroom space not look like a hospital wing? Can the wonders of contemporary design not come up with some innovative ways to marry practicality and style, in this environment? Of course they can. The problem is not that the designs do not exist, but that too many providers are focused on that one big word – disability. Instead of looking at accessibility renovation projects as a chance to design an entirely bespoke bathroom, they see it in terms of limits and restrictions. The good news is that you can have it both ways. You just have to find a professional wet room installer that can approach your bathroom design as a custom project. For example, if you are in a wheelchair or cannot reach up high, there is no reason to reduce the number of cabinets and storage spaces in a bathroom; they just need to be placed closer to the floor. This handy guide to getting your hands on an accessible bathroom that is both stylish and contemporary will show you where to start.

Accessible Designs Are Just Bespoke Projects

In the same way that a family of very tall people might invest in a bespoke design with slighter higher accessories than is standard, a disabled person just needs the essential bits tweaked. One of the quickest and easiest ways to make bathing more accessible is to dispense with the need for contained spaces. If you do not have a bath to step into, you are never going to struggle to wash or risk falling as you make your way about the room. And, the best way to replace the bathtub is with a large and expansive shower. Again, if you take the contained space away, you are left with a wet room environment in which a disabled person can easily navigate. The real strength of a wet room is that it is not a ‘disabled’ design. It makes bathing much safer and simpler for people with mobility problems, but this kind of feature is favoured by all kinds of different people. This means that modern wet rooms are stylish, aesthetically pleasing, and enjoyable to spend time in. If you work with a professional wet room installer, you can personally contribute to the look and feel of the design.

Making the Features and Accessories Work for You

If you are interested in wet room designs, you will be pleased to know that they can be adapted in a huge variety of different ways. There are wet rooms with super wide shower doors, for the easy entry of wheelchairs. There are other wet rooms which do not have any doors or walls; the shower space and the bathroom are truly integrated. They can be fitted with mobility bars and grip aids, as well as slip resistant flooring and carefully positioned accessories and features. It is important that the project be carried out by a professional wet room installer, because this kind of design requires the bathroom to be entirely watertight and moisture resistant. All of the features must be designed, created, and fitted with this requirement in mind. To find out more about installing a wet room in your home, why not contact us to arrange a visit on 01634 241395 or visit